Premium Wireless Speakers Devialet Phantom Gold in India

Devialet Phantom Gold in India

We present the Premium Wireless Speaker Devialet Phantom Gold in India. The ultimate connected speaker that produces the best sound in the world.

Witness the physical impact of a high-end ultra-dense sound instantly with power, clarity, and precision, unlike anything you have heard before. Devialet Gold Phantom makes you enjoy in a revolutionary and full immensity ways the tracks you have already heard thousand times over. From sub-bass to ultra-sharp treble, you can now explore your music’s full potential.

With zero distortion, zero saturation, zero background noise, you can hear every detail brought to life with unthinkable clarity and precision by a Grade I Titanium tweeter that is embedded in the Devialet Gold Phantom.

Devialet Gold Phantom is the most accurate and powerful wireless speaker in the world that creates a live concert experience. It features an exclusive analog-digital hybrid technology with power, clarity, and precision, unlike anything you have heard before. It has a high performance of 4500 peak watts which produces a titanium tweeter that offers an unparalleled frequency range of 14Hz to 27 kHz and 108 dB.

This is more than just a speaker! This is Phantom furnished with prestigious fine 22-carat gold. This incredibly compact and punchy wireless active speaker conveys premium sound to your smart device.

It produces sound in its purest and most essential form. Fusing analog and digital technologies, Devialet Gold Phantom delivers peak sound performance, with no saturation, no distortion, and no background noise.

Devialet Gold Phantom Features/Specification

Multi-Room: Flexibility to connect Devialet Gold Phantom in your kitchen, bedroom, and living room-filling your home with sound. Devialet Gold Phantom speakers have the capability to be connected with up to 23 other Phantom units via a device known as Dialog Connector (sold separately) using Wi-Fi.

When these units are combined, it creates impressive high-end, cinema, or multi-room audio experiences. Devialet Gold Phantom is designed to replace all your existing systems; Hi-Fi, docks, speakers, cinema, or wireless.

More Powerful: The most powerful connected speaker, Devialet Gold Phantom is 8 times more powerful than ordinary Phantoms. With an awesome 4500 watts of power and 108 decibels of physical impact, Devialet Gold Phantom is equivalent to a live rock concert.

Unravel super-dense sound that comes from Devialet Gold Phantom with full-bodied power in its most thrilling form down to 14Hz, the lowest sounds ever produced.

Titanium Tweeter: Delivering the best performances in high-frequency control up to 27kHz, Devialet Gold Phantom consists of a tweeter made of the Grade 1 Titanium, the purest available.

This has been discovered to be the best material for a premium tweeter giving a ratio of strength to a density that is among the best in the metallic elements.

Sound Performance: More than just a connected speaker, Devialet Phantom Gold produces out-of-this-earth sound using Devialet’s ground-breaking and flawless superior Analogue Digital Hybrid (ADH) and Heart Bass Implosion (HBI) technologies.

Phantom Gold blends analogue and digital technologies together to deliver an ultra-dense sound with a physical impact that has no saturation, distortion, or background noise. The speakers are protected by 108 patents and have helped Phantom to transform the world of sound forever.

Play your music based on your choice of location, time and how you like whether it is the same song playing throughout your home or a different song in each room. You can control music across multiple devices when connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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Devialet Phantom Gold in India

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