Rotimatic Automatic Roti Maker Machine - Robotic Rotimaker

Rotimatic – Robotic RotiMaker in India

Meet this wonderful machine which makes your work easy and gives you more time to work or spend the time with your family. This rotimatic is invented by Indian couple who settled in Singapore. Zimplistic pte ltd Started manufacturing this rotimatic. Initially this rotimatic started in budget price and as time passed they started increasing the price.

Initially this company made many attempt towards this invention and finally they succeed in making a best and a powerful machine which makes roti in no time. This bread maker can be easily operated by any age – from child to a old age.

This Rotimatic is soo useful that you don’t any knowledge of making roti. You can make roti, puri, pizza, bajra roti and jowar roti. Time consuming machine is easy for all ages.