Best Panasonic Cordless Phone of 2021 in India

Panasonic Single Line 2.4GHz KX-TG3711SX Digital Cordless Telephone
Panasonic Single Line 2.4GHz KX-TG3711SX Digital Cordless Telephone

Panasonic Single Line 2.4GHz KX-TG3711SX Digital Cordless Telephone is one of the best landline phone of 2021 in India. Panasonic is always known for its quality product with it’s reasonable price and best features. Worldwide most popular and widely used.

Panasonic KX-TG3711SX Features :

  • Most Elegant Looks with Reasonable Price
  • Tough panel for more durability
  • Back grip for long talk
  • Caller id function
  • Long Battery backup
  • Speakerphone on handset
  • Locator on base unit
  • Backlight on display and keypad for night usage
  • 2.4GHz Digital Gigarange
  • Phonebook

Panasonic 3711 has been best cordless phone to buy in India. If it is office or home this cordless phone plays good role in satisfying. For Best Buy of Panasonic cordless phone KX-TG3711SX in India click here

Fitbit Versa 3 review: GPS sports watch and ultimate health tracker

fitbit versa 3 smartwatch india
Fitbit Versa 3


  • ✓Bright and clear AMOLED display
  • ✓Lightweight and comfortable for 24/7 wear
  • ✓Extensive health tracking capability
  • ✓Various health scores for understanding progress
  • ✓Integrated GPS


  • ✕No support for offline Spotify music
  • ✕Side button takes practice to master

Last year I tested the Fitbit Versa 2 and kept going back to using it because of the 24/7 activity tracking capability. With no integrated GPS, I had to run with another watch to track my running and cycling.

fitbit versa 3 smart watch india
fitbit versa 3 smart watch india

While the Fitbit Sense offers integrated GPS, it’s priced at $330 and brings the EDA sensor too. If you want a more affordable watch and don’t need to capture ECG data, then you should consider the Fitbit Versa 3.

I recently tried out the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Google Wear OS smartwatch and it is a solid wearable. However, Google continues to put forth little effort to develop and improve Wear OS while Fitbit is working hard to offer a consolidated and powerful experience with its wearables. Later this year we will see support for Google Assistant and support for calling right on the Versa 3 itself. These functions will nearly complete the watch so that it challenges Google’s Wear OS head-to-head. Let’s check out the tale of the tape between the Fitbit Versa 3 and TicWatch Pro 3.

Fitbit versa 3 Price in India
Fitbit Versa 3


  • Display: 1.58 inch 336×336 pixel resolution touchscreen AMOLED with Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Materials: Aluminum casing and flexible silicone band
  • Wireless: Bluetooth 5.0, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, NFC
  • Water resistance: Up to 50 meters and sweat, rain, and splash-proof
  • Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, multi-path optical heart rate sensor, altimeter, ambient light sensor, vibration motor, microphone, and speaker
  • Battery life: 6+ days of standard smartwatch usage, but some settings will consume battery faster. Up to 12 hours for GPS tracking. One day of battery life in 12 minutes with fast charging.


The overall squircle design, shape, and size make the new Fitbit Versa 3 appear to be a Versa 2 copy, but turn it on and start looking around the hardware to find several differences.

The AMOLED screen resolution has been bumped up from 300×300 pixels to 336×336 pixels. The vibrant colors and dark blacks look great with crystal clear fonts. It is very visible inside and outside, even in direct sunlight. The front is completely black with no logos or anything. Raise your wrist to look at the watch face, press the button to toggle on the display, or enable always-on mode if you don’t care as much about battery life.

Fitbit versa 3 latest watch
fitbit versa 3 latest watch

Fitbit Versa 3 the latest version of Fitbit. Fitbit versa 3 is now available in India on You can get the best price in India.

GoPro Hero 9 Review Black

Gopro Hero 9 Price in India
Gopro Hero 9 Black


Action cameras and going modular. GoPro’s latest attempt to get one-up on the DJI Osmo Action and the Akaso Brave 7 LE means a front display for vloggers and taking selfies, high-resolution photos and video grabs, but most importantly a removable lens cover. The latter makes it ready for GoPro’s new Max Lens Mod, though at its core this action camera’s excellent stabilization, clever time-lapse modes and higher resolutions make the Hero9 Black pricey, but worth it despite its larger physical size than previous iterations.


  • All-new front display
  • Larger rear display
  • Excellent image stabilization
  • 20MP photos and 14.7 MP grabs from video
  • Stable connection to a phone
  • Easy-to-use app


  • Larger physical size
  • Batteries are not backwards-compatible
  • Touchscreen is laggy
  • Max Lens Mod costs extra
  • Hit-and-miss horizon leveling
gopro hero 9 in india
gopro hero 9 in india

Gopro Hero 9 Price in India

If you’re a taker of selfies, a vlogger or an adventure filmmaker, GoPro’s new flagship camera is made for you. There was a time when action cameras were primarily for capturing sports, but the new GoPro Hero 9 Black pushes in a new direction by including a front-mounted LCD ‘selfie’ screen to challenge the DJI Osmo Action.

However, there’s plenty on the gopro Hero9 Black for the all-rounder. As well as upping the resolution to 5K for video, it increases photos to 20MP and adds the ability to capture 14.7MP stills from video, too. Add improved image stabilization , improved time-lapses and a longer-lasting battery and the Hero9 Black is the best GoPro we have seen to date, and probably the best action camera to boot. 

Gopro Hero 9 Black

While there are many similarities between them, the Hero9 Black is physically different to the Hero 8 Black. It’s larger in every aspect at 71x55x33.6mm and 158g, which is something of a surprise, though it’s hardly obese. That’s largely down to the inclusion on the Hero 9 Black of two new displays. On the rear it’s a simple upgrade, with a larger 2.27-inch display. That’s 16% larger than on the Hero8 Black, slightly bigger than on theAkaso Brave 7 LE, but a tad smaller than on theDJI Osmo Action. Bright enough in all but the sunniest conditions, this touchscreen is nevertheless not as responsive as it could be. 

It’s on the front where you’ll find the biggest upgrade with a built-in 1.4-inch display (identical in size to the DJI Osmo Action, but slightly smaller than on theAkaso Brave 7 LE) that can be used as a live preview screen for framing a selfie or a piece to camera. Even more usefully, that can be done in ‘actual’ format, which presents it as a widescreen image with black bars above and below, or ‘full screen’, which works fine if you just want to make sure you’re in the centre of a shot or a video. That front screen can also be switched to ‘status only’ to show the remaining battery power, resolution and the current mode – as on the gopro Hero8 Black (albeit now in color) – or even completely deactivated. 

The other new feature is a return to a removable glass lens protector. As well as meaning that third party ND filters can be used, from October it will be able to take a GoPro Max Lens Mod accessory (more on that below). 

The gopro Hero 9 Black’s buttons are slightly larger and protrude more, which makes them easier to operate when wearing gloves. As always, this GoPro is waterproof to 33ft/10m, and the folding mounting fingers on the undercarriage remain from the Hero8 Black. 

Finally, instead of arriving in a horrible thick transparent plastic casing, the gopro Hero9 Black comes in a soft travel case. About time, too. 

gopro hero 9 black price
gopro hero 9 black price

GoProHero9 Black has a 23.6 MP sensor, which in turn means it can capture video at 5K in 30 frames per second (fps) at 100Mbps. If that’s impressive, it’s also incredibly capacity-hungry; the 4K 60fps is probably the one to go for if you’re after both efficiency and smoothness. The general step-up in resolution also means the abandoning of 720p, with faux-lens options comprising SuperView (16mm), wide (16-34mm) and linear (19-39mm) and narrow (27mm). 

Despite the appearance of 5K the must-have feature is Hypersmooth 3.0, which means cleverly stabilized footage across all resolutions, with a ‘boost’ feature also available. 

Gopro Hero 9 Review

The linear view also has 360º camera-style auto-correct horizon leveling that happens in-camera. In theory, that means easy-to-watch footage where the horizon stays level. It’s another feature for vloggers, and in practice it’s imprecise and laggy; expect it to improve on future GoPro cameras. In all other modes the Gopro Hero9 Black captures peerless video that has plenty of color, contrast and shadow detail, with a Boost option to really smooth things out when the action gets choppy. 

Low-light video in ‘night mode’ is far less impressive and a touch noisy, with a new HDR night-lapse of the night sky for an hour looking reasonably good. There’s also a new ‘scheduled capture’ mode for filming video or, more likely, time-lapses, at a pre-ordained time. For example, you could go to bed in Iceland and set your Hero9 Black to film the Northern Lights for you … ditto a sunrise while you sleep-in. You can also set it to film for, say, an hour, before it switches itself off. 

In practice, time-lapses are often the way to go on action cameras, which is why we like the TimeWarp 3.0 mode. Best used for endurance activities, such as hiking, though also useful for skiing and cycling, TimeWarp 3.0 produces fast-slow-fast footage where sped-up video is followed by a slow-down to real-before speeding back up. Called ‘speed ramp’, it now comes with audio, and there’s a new slo-mo option. 

Gopro hero 9 black launch
gopro hero 9 black vishal ecoms

Also new to the Gopro Hero9 Black is a 30-second looping video buffer for video to avoid missing unexpected moments, which is for filming anything else where spontaneous events are everything. Practically speaking it will avoid having to take endless short videos only to delete them all later.

Not surprisingly given the WFH craze the Hero9 Black can be used as a 1080p widescreen webcam. Mac users require the GoPro Webcam app and Windows users needing a BETA version, though in our test on a Mac we couldn’t get the app to successfully install and launch. 

There’s also an option to use the Hero9 Black as a streaming camera and to live stream 1080p video to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Profiles and Facebook Pages. It even works with HyperSmooth 3.0 switched-on. 

Gopro Hero 9 Review
go pro hero 9 review vishal ecoms

Action cameras are roundly ignored as photographic devices by some users, but that’s going to change with the arrival of the Hero9 Black. That’s partly because, like the Akaso Brave 7 LE, the Hero9 Black can take 20MP still photos. 

It offers wide (16-34mm) and linear (19-39mm) lens modes, each allowing 2x digital zoom options, and a fixed narrow mode (27mm), all of which feature a delay shutter option for 3s and 10s. There’s also a LiveBurst (motion photos), Burst (25 photos per second) and Night Photo modes, with the latter respectable and easily outshining the Hero9 Black’s video exploits in the dark. 

As well as RAW support the Hero9 Black also has HDR and SuperPhoto, the latter of which captures excellent dynamic range, though taking HDR and SuperPhoto images means a few seconds’ wait for processing. Manual mode allows tweaks up to shutter speed of 30 seconds and ISO up to 6400. 

Gopro Hero 9 India

However, perhaps more important than all of that is the Hero9 Black’s new ‘save frame’ feature; playback any video on the app and it’s a one-button instruction to save a 14.7MP still image to your phone. It means you can stick to video and think about photos later. 

GoPro Hero 9 Review Black 1
Stock of GOPRO HERO 9

GoPro Hero 9 is one of the best camera ever you met. The above is Gopro Hero 9 Review. when it comes to camera then this device is being one of the amazing tinny in the world of camera. We basically sell all the variant of gopro. Still the launch date of gopro hero 9 is yet to announce in India.

Marshall emberton portable bluetooth speaker buy online

Marshall Emberton review. Buy at 17,499.

Marshall Emberton review. Buy at 17,499. 2
Buy Marshall Emberton Review

The Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker almost looks like a novelty gift you get for someone when you couldn’t afford the full and ‘real’ thing. It’s effectively a miniaturized version of a Marshall guitar amp, and that immediately makes it look stylish and cool. 

Underneath that classy exterior is a competent portable speaker in its own right that might lack a bit of power and extra functionality for its price of Rs.17,499. but it’s still appealing stuff thanks to being super portable and roadworthy.

While many Bluetooth speakers in this price range bundle in many features, the Marshall Emberton keeps things pretty simple. It’s a fairly rugged and immensely portable speaker that you can easily toss in your bag and take wherever you’re going. It only weighs 0.7kg and it’s small enough to hold in one hand. It also has IPX7 water resistance so you won’t have to worry about this waterproof speaker falling in the pool or getting wet. 

However, while the Marshall Emberton looks great and has the basics covered, it lacks some key features we’d normally expect to see. That includes a microphone for receiving calls through the speaker and – connected to that – a lack of voice assistant support, though the latter isn’t necessarily to be expected from a portable speaker. There’s no app support either so you can’t tweak the equalizer like you can with many other Bluetooth speakers. It doesn’t even have a 3.5mm AUX input. 

Marshall Emberton review. Buy at 17,499. 3

Design-wise though, we can’t fault the Marshall Emberton’s looks. It genuinely does look like a mini version of a Marshall amp which means it looks great on a desk, living room side, or mostly anywhere else. Marshall emberton price in india is Rs.17499.

At the top of the speaker is a gold four-directional joystick of sorts that’s embedded in to look suitably stylish. Besides being a power button, it allows you to adjust volume as well as skip tracks. A glowing red light indicates remaining battery life to the side of it while there’s a subtly placed Bluetooth pairing button too. It’s all well designed and attractive looking. 

Marshall Emberton review. Buy at 17,499. 4

Perhaps understandably given the size of the Marshall Emberton, it sounds great up until a point. Keep the volume low-ish and you’ll be impressed by the bassy sounds that emanate as you listen to your favorite tracks. 

That’s not to the detriment of the mids or lows either with a fairly balanced sound whether you’re relaxing with Childish Gambino’s bouncy Feels Like Summer, or switching it up to more aggressive music like a walk down memory lane with Linkin Park’s Points of Authority. It’s ideal for placing in a room where you’re taking some time out, or in need of quality background listening. 

Marshall Emberton review. Buy at 17,499. 5

Where things falter is if you whack up the volume too high. The music doesn’t distort. It just seems to fade away a little, losing its powerful sense of bass, albeit without losing any clarity. It’s not always an issue but we could see it being an annoyance in a party atmosphere where it may get lost in the mix of voices and other noises. Small occasions are where the Marshall Emberton shines through the most. 

Looking good and sounding mostly good, the Marshall Emberton is certainly appealing. It’s hard not to be instantly beguiled by its looks the moment you pull it out of the box, even if it is style over substance. 

We’d have appreciated it if it had a bit more to offer for the price, such as voice assistant support or even simply a 3.5mm port for extra connectivity, but if you’re simply in need of a good quality portable Bluetooth speaker that you can take with you wherever you go, this one’s rather nice. 

Its 20-hour battery life and fast recharge time means you won’t be stuck reliant on a power source too often, and it’s rugged enough to withstand the odd knock and any issues with water, meaning it’ll easily keep up with you and your travels. It’s just a shame it doesn’t offer a bit more for the price. 

Marshall Emberton review. Buy at 17,499. 6

The Marshall Emberton is quite widely available already, having launched in July this year. Priced at Rs 17499, there’s no sign of discounts by third-party retailers yet and we suspect that won’t be the case for a little while yet – though it may be worth keeping an eye out for Black Friday deals

There’s also only one color scheme to choose from – black – but at least it means you won’t have to spend time figuring out what suits your aesthetic most. 

Marshall Emberton review. Buy at 17,499. 7

As mentioned, the Marshall Emberton only comes available in one color, but that’s not to its detriment because the speaker is irresistibly designed. It looks exactly like a shrunken down version of a regular Marshall amp meaning it’s immediately endearing towards anyone with a penchant for rocking out and embracing the iconic look of Marshall gear. 

It’s also suitably small in every way. You can easily hold it in one hand, even if you have quite small hands, and it only weighs 0.7kg so you’ll barely notice it in your bag. 

While small, it’s rugged enough to withstand a few knocks and its IPX7 water resistance means you can feel confident that it’ll survive a trip to the pool, next to the bathtub, or when out hiking in poor weather. Often, stylish speakers lack the ruggedness that’s needed from something so portable, but Marshall seems to have it covered here. 

Marshall Emberton review. Buy at 17,499. 8

Control-wise, everything is fairly straightforward. There’s a button for Bluetooth pairing, along with a gold four-directional joystick that dictates power, volume adjustments, and the ability to skip tracks. It’s a neat touch that has a kind of retro feeling to it. While other manufacturers are keen to embrace touch-sensitive technology, we appreciated the reliability that comes from this button that requires pressure. It also saves you the need to remember potentially complex gestures, just to perform a simple action. It’s embedded into the top of the speaker so it’s not like it’s intrusive anyhow. 

To the right of the joystick is a glowing red light, which indicates how much battery life is remaining. More on how well the battery performs later, but it’s useful to have a constant reminder of how it’s doing rather than having to switch over to your phone to see what’s going on. 

The only thing we found a little tacky about the Marshall Emberton is its startup noise. It sounds like every time you open a new menu in a Guitar Hero game, and it immediately grates. It’s not the worst thing ever but it’s out of place in an otherwise stylish device. 

Marshall Emberton review. Buy at 17,499. 9

Audio performance

  • Weaker bass at high volumes
  • Smooth mids and crisp trebles

Utilizing two 10-watt drivers and two class-D amplifiers, the Marshall Emberton accomplishes a fair bit for its size. It promises 360-degree sound which doesn’t entirely work out but it sounds close enough to ensure a sense of a wide soundstage while you listen. 

The speaker offers consistently smooth mids whether you’re listening to a heavily instrumental piece of classical music or feeling romantic with a dose of John Legend’s All Of Me. In a similar vein, we also appreciated the crispness of the trebles exhibited when we went down a path of rediscovering David Bowie’s discography. Turning a little more modern, the likes of Childish Gambino’s Feels like Summer felt suitably balanced each step of the way.

Marshall Emberton review. Buy at 17,499. 10

Where the Marshall Emberton falters a bit is when you crank up the volume. It still sounds good and you don’t lose clarity, but any sense of powerful bass fades away. To be fair, this was at its highest volume, which we wouldn’t expect to sound perfect for a speaker like this – but it’s worth considering if you like your music bassy.

It’s only really going to be an issue if you expect it to hold its own in a large social gathering, which is a bit ambitious given the size of this speaker.

Marshall Emberton review. Buy at 17,499. 11

Battery life and connectivity

  • Up to 20 hours of battery life
  • Bluetooth 5 support
  • Quick recharge feature

Mileage will always vary when it comes to battery life depending on how high you crank up the volume, but the Marshall Emberton performed pretty well in our tests. It promised about 20 hours and we easily achieved that at a middling volume, although we’d expect it to dip a bit at higher volumes. 

That will matter less so though when you consider how quickly the Marshall Emberton recharges. Thanks to its USB-C connectivity, 20 minutes of charging gives you about five hours of playtime, which is great if you’re in a rush and want to quickly give it a boost. We certainly found it very useful. 

The Marshall Emberton uses Bluetooth 5 for connectivity and we didn’t run into any issues here. It took seconds to hook up and the extended range that comes from the specification is sure to come in handy if you’re using the Marshall Emberton across a large area. 

Marshall Emberton review. Buy at 17,499. 12

Buy it if…

You want a small and stylish audio solution
In terms of looks, you can’t beat the Marshall Emberton. It looks fantastic, and if you want something that looks great in your home without stealing focus, this is it. 

You want effective simplicity
The Marshall Emberton takes seconds to set up and it all simply just works. There’s not even any need to figure out complex controls. Audiophiles will miss an equalizer feature but for everyone else, it’s great to be able to get straight into listening. 

You want fast recharging
Thanks to USB-C, you can get 5 hours of power out of a 20-minute charge. If you’re not the most organized of people, this is sure to make you love the Marshall Emberton a bit more.

Marshall Emberton review. Buy at 17,499. 7

Don’t buy it if…

You want a smart speaker
Many speakers around the same price as the Marshall Emberton offer a voice assistant in some guise but there’s no sign of it here. If you’re keen to have Alexa helping you out, for instance, this isn’t the place to go.

You want to be able to take calls with it
Because the Marshall Emberton has no microphone for a smart speaker feature, it also means you can’t use it to take calls. If you’re listening to music and often need to receive calls, disconnecting will get a bit annoying.

You want it to hold its own in a large arena
The Marshall Emberton can’t quite manage its highest volumes without losing a bit of oomph, so if you want it to cope with a large area, this isn’t the speaker for you. It’s hardly surprising given its size, though. 

Philips MG7715/15 Multigroom series 7000 13-in-1, Face, Hair and Body

Philips MG7715/15 Multigroom series 7000 13-in-1, Face, Hair and Body 14
Philips MG7715 Multi-grooming 13 in 1 Kit

Philips MG 7715/15 develops an entirely new variety of multifunctional mowers. The new prolific Philips MG7715 / 15 device is a multifunctional mower that is clean to use. It offers puzzling versatility that can be used to perfect your personal style. Enjoy the most maximum precision with DualCut technology that the new Philips MG 7715/15 offers, which includes 2x more blades and added control with a no-slip rubber grip with our most precise and versatile trimmer.

Philips MG7715/15 Multigroom series 7000 13-in-1

Philips MG7715/15 Multigroom series 7000 13-in-1, Face, Hair and Body 15

Philips mg 7715/15 uses the metal trimmer as a result of the DualCut technology, which makes the device to work without a comb to get clean, sharp lines around your beard, neck and hairline, or to trim your body hair to a minimum length. Philip Mg 7715/15 comes with 13 premium tools that allow you to create your unique and exceptional style, from head to toe. The Philips MG7715 / 15 is made up of a steel structure, which makes it strong, and clean to grip. The non-slip rubber overlaying the deal with allows clean grip, regardless of soapy fingers.

The steel blades functions by lightly brushing against one another – sharpening themselves as they work. This delivers blades that are sharp as day 1 after 5 years of use. This all-in-one trimmer effortlessly and conveniently trims and styles your facial hair, clips your hair and grooms your body.

Philips mg 7715/15 does not deliver on attractive and exceptional design only, but in terms of its overall performance and capability to permit excessive precision reducing. It embeds a modern layout and inherits exemplary performance, which only a few mowers can deliver. This ergonomic and easy-to-use multi-function mower can be used on the face as well as at the hair and the frame.

Philips MG 7715/15 guarantees best results with precision heat-treated blades made of finely ground Chromium steel. In addition, the Philips MG 7715/15 is offered with diverse add-ons, which are well matched with all the products inside the range. The high-performance Lithium-Ion battery delivers up to 120 minutes of run time per every 1-hour full charge. A 5-minute quick charge delivers one full trim. When it comes to the preservation of the Philips MG7715 / 15, there is no need to lubricate the parts, in view that it could preserve its shaving overall performance and precision even after numerous years of use.

Sharpening the blades is also no longer necessary because they are sharpened as you shave. The device’s self-sharpening blades ensure long-lasting performance while rounded blade tips and combs prevent skin irritation. Its cleaning is achieved dry with the comb or with foam. As a point of emphasis, this mower is water-resistant, which also makes cleaning very smooth. Trim and shave in a wet or dry environment, or even in the shower with waterproof and easy cleaning.

Philips MG7715/15 Features/Specifications

  • Easily trim and style with thirteen in 1 multifunction trimmer (beard, nostril and ears, body, hair) at home with ease
  • Prolific dual cut availability
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Run time up to 120 minutes of cordless use per charge, No-slip rubber grip for improved comfort and control
  • Ease of use : Display – Charging indicator and Battery low indicator
  • Maintenance free :No oil needed
  • Showerproof for convenient use in the shower and cleaning
  • Please charge for 1 complete hour before use

You can keep your grooming kit organized with the convenient travel pouch, which holds and protects your multigroomer when you are on the go. That is why Philips MG 7715/15 comes with unique storage pouch for convenient travel and storage.

Best Philips Trimmer in India for Beard in May 2020

Best Philips Trimmer in India for Beard
Philips Trimmer 14 tools MG7745/15 All in 1 grooming set MRP 4495

Best Philips Trimmer in India for beard

Philips is always being a leader in personal care products. When it comes to trimmer and shaver, the only brand that comes in mind is Philips. This brand is known for the best quality product for especially Trimmer, Shaver, and other personal care products. Philips is the only brand which has good response and reliable product. Also for the Indian skin type, Philips is more safe and sensitive.

This model of philips MG7745 comes in price budget and MRP of 4495. This has 14 attachment which is a complete set from your head to toe. Usually Men buys a trimmer then goes for nose and ear trimmer and then a shaver, so instead of getting all this separately, buying this one is best choice.

Philips hair trimmer can be used in any part of your body. This comes with charger so you can charge and take away anywhere and use it easily. The blade of this trimmer is soo good that it doesn’t affect your skin easily. This philips series 7000 is one of the best and handy trimmer ever made by philips.

The attachment with this trimmer is one and useful for normal men to makes a perfect grooming. Either you go on date or go on a official meet, the way you carry is most important of all. From hair cutting(Hair clipper) to clean shave all get it sorted in one handy device.

The compact device come with 14 tools and travel bag is so easy while you go on trip. Philips MG7745 comes with charger so once you charge and then ready to use same like your mobile phone.

Do Check other models of Philips trimmer and shaver too. Demo of this this product can be find on Youtube click here

I personally recommend each and every men who need a handy and quality product can go for this model.